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Fund raising in honour of Samuel passes 20,000!!

Thanks to the continued success of the annual 10 mile Studland sponsored walk (4 years already), and the selfless efforts of Samuel's friends to organise all manner of fundraising events, we are delighted to announce that donations to charities, in honour of Samuel, have now passed the grand threshold of 20,000. We are constantly indebted to those who continue to make such commitment, in Samuel's name, and those who so kindly donate to and sponsor causes related to child cancer.

We want to ensure that this momentum is maintained if not increased. If we can spread awareness and involve more people, we are confident that with your help and support we can achieve our target and lift the total to 30,000.

It will never be enough. It never is. Small specialised charities who depend on voluntary contributions are always overwhelmed. It is people like you who enable them to continue the work that less fortunate children and families depend on in the most unimaginably difficult circumstances.

Samuel would be so proud of everyone's efforts so far. Yet he would keep pushing for higher goals, and that is what his Appeal will continue to do.

Already Samuel's name has been the focus behind amateur athletes pushing themselves beyond their own limits to raise sponsorship. But this effort is not the domain of adults alone. School children, Samuel's own peers, have recognised the obstacles faced by others and risen fantastically to the challenge of raising funds with everything from cake sales to bike rides.

Those children, and their parents can be rightly proud. They demonstrate the strength of character and humility which Samuel represented and which led to the annual "Samuel Oldridge Tenets Trophy" awarded annually to a deserving pupil of Samuel's school at Baden Powell.

Don't be modest - Share details of your sponsored activity

Visit the sponsorships page and let us know about your sponsored activity for childrens cancer charities, so we can help to promote your efforts and inspire others to follow in your footsteps

Inspiration - Samuel competes in his club's annual competition

At only 7 years old, and having lost his sight, Samuel demonstrates how obstacles in life are overcome. Here he is shown competing in an annual event which has subsequently become the Samuel Oldridge Cup. Samuel's relationship with Tae Kwon-Do and his club - Gordon Fearn TKD - features more fully elsewhere on this site and at the "Samuel Oldridge Cup" page at Gordon Fearn TKD

Gordon Fearn TKD

After Samuel passed away in 2009 Gordon Fearn of Gordon Fearn TKD renamed their Annual Club Competition the Samuel Oldridge Cup.

The best competitor of the tournament each year receives the Samuel Oldridge Cup Award.

This is a wonderful way to honour and remember Samuel, and for us as a family to cherish and remember the great bond that he formed with Gordon and the friendships, enjoyment and values that he gained.

It has been marvellous that the competition has also, through donation, raised monies for the charities linked to the Samuel Oldridge Appeal Fund.

On 11th November 2018 Gordon Fearn TKD held its 8th Annual Samuel Oldridge Cup. It is a superb competition with a growing number of students of all ages attending.

It is wonderful to see so many familiar faces and their progression with TKD and as individuals, many of whom knew Samuel. It was also tremendous to see many new students and the club developing.

As a family we cannot recommend Gordon Fearn TKD with Gordon, and his fantastic team, highly enough.

The professional Samuel Oldridge Cup advertising stands last year add to the personal link to Samuel and this year the medals that are awarded to all the students were thoughtfully created with a Samuel Oldridge Appeal Fund logo and endorsed Samuel Oldridge Cup.

Congratulations to the winners of the Samuel Oldridge Cup to date:

  • Rhiannon COWAN - 1st Annual Cup Winner (2010)
  • Mitchell DENNETT - 2nd Annual Cup Winner (2011)
  • Joshua ENGLISH - 3rd Annual Cup Winner (2012)
  • Max COOPER - 4th Annual Cup Winner (2013)
  • Bethany MONGER - 5th Annual Cup Winner (2014)
  • Hannah SLATER - 6th Annual Cup Winner (2015)
  • Rocco STRICKLAND - 7th Annual Cup Winner (2016)
  • Ted SPOONER - 8th Annual Cup Winner (2018)

Our family thank everyone at Gordon Fearn TKD for their continued support to Samuel, and extend a big thank you to everyone who assists in the planning and organisation of the competition. We look forward to continued and uplifting success of the event, and remain indebted to Gordon Fearn in his endeavours to honour Samuel's memory in the best tradition of inspiring other young people.

The lighter side of life

Samuel was a shining illustration of a child's extraordinary capacity to enjoy, and imbue others with,the lighter side of life, in even the darkest of circumstances. Aside from his cheerful and resilient character, and sometimes remarkably dry wit belying his few years, he thrived on evoking a laugh from others with his joke telling. Some of Samuels favourite jokes (or more to the point, the favourites of his target audiences) are listed in the "the lighter side of life" page.
Furthermore we have provided a facility for other young children to send in their own jokes to add to Samuel's repertoire. From time to time the Appeal will judge the submissions and post the best jokes together with a credit to the young "comedians" who submit them.

Character - Samuel seeks improved amenities for blind children

The following is an extract from Poole General Hospital's Grapevine magazine. The article describes Samuel's part in holding discussions with senior hospital staff in a bid to improve amenities for the visually impaired at the hospital. It is but one of many testaments to Samuel's indominatable spirit and demonstrates what any seven year old is capable of, even in the face of adversity.

International travels of "Timmy On Tour"

Meet Timmy, who was Samuel's favourite cuddly toy and who accompanied Samuel everywhere, on all his various travels, from holidays to hospitals, and to this day Timmy continues to travel the world with Samuel's family.